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Elevator Accident Lawyer

Eric Mausner Elevator Accident Law Firm in Miami, Florida

Elevators are used daily by everyone. Occasionally, when a malfunction or defect occurs serious injuries will result. Failure to inspect and failure to maintain may be causes of elevator malfunctions. Elevator cases are complex and they require investigation and expert witnesses. If you’ve been injured in an elevator accident it’s important you call our law firm immediately so we can evaluate your case and preserve evidence such as video, photographs, and witnesses.

ERIC MAUSNER LAW, P.A. handles elevator injury cases relating to the following:

  • mechanic failures,

  • door malfunctions,

  • electrical and circuit failures,

  • elevator/door entrapment,

  • failure of emergency systems,

  • failure to maintain hoist cables,

  • slip & falls,

  • sudden acceleration or deceleration,

  • and other causes of injuries.

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