Clients in personal injury lawsuits always ask how long their case will take. The answer is always “it depends.” Specifically, it depends on the type of personal injury case and the several factors that pertain to each case. You should ask your lawyer how long he or she thinks your case will take.

Factors affecting personal injury cases

Here are some factors that will affect the length of your personal injury case:

  • Every personal injury case is different. The facts, the issues, the injuries; the parties; the insurance companies and the adjusters; the lawyers and judges. All these factors can speed up or delay a case from resolving. Your case and your injuries are unique so it will serve you little purpose in comparing it to other cases.
  • Pre-litigation vs. litigation. Personal injury cases often start in a claim stage also known as pre-litigation. This is the stage of your case before a lawsuit has been filed. Many cases can settle without ever filing a lawsuit. When a lawsuit is filed your case is in litigation. Whether a lawsuit needs to be filed on your behalf can and will affect the length of your case. Litigation can take months and years due to several factors you should talk to your lawyer about as each case is different.
  • Minor injuries vs major injuries. Minor injuries can often settle in pre-litigation quicker than more serious injuries which may end up in litigation. Minor injuries can heal quicker where major injuries may take a very long time. Your case may not be ripe for settlement until you are fully healthy.
  • It takes time to build your case. Your lawyer must build your case. It takes time to order records and evaluate your case. It takes time to treat your injuries and to get healthy. Litigation can be lengthy process with motions, hearings, depositions, trial, and more. It can take weeks and months to assemble a case before a lawyer can completely evaluate all the evidence and the medical records.
  • Maximum Medical Improvement (MMI). Many attorneys will wait until their clients have reached their maximum recovery so everyone can better understand the value associated with the injury. This can take months or years depending on your injury.

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