Truck accidents happen frequently on South Florida roads, and with online shopping becoming increasingly popular, there are more commercial trucks on the road now than ever before. Truck drivers are under pressure to make more deliveries on tighter deadlines, and this can unfortunately result in serious collisions as a result of dangerous or reckless driving. 

If you’ve been involved in a truck accident then you know how traumatic and damaging they can be. The moments following your truck accident are often disorienting and shocking, but once you’re certain that you do not need immediate medical attention, it’s crucial to start gathering evidence that can be used in your case. Here are several types of evidence we use to build strong truck accident cases for our clients:

  • Police report. Call 911 and ensure police file a report immediately after your accident. This report will include crucial details about how the accident occurred and who was at fault, and will also contain essential witness statements.
  • Photographs. Take photographs of the accident scene, road, and all vehicles in the crash. Be sure to include close up photos as well photos from a far for perspective.
  • Footage from in-cab cameras. Most commercial trucks have in-cab cameras and the footage will provide important evidence to help reconstruct the accident. Footage from the accident scene including other vehicles, body worn cameras, and commercial establishments will also be critical.
  • Black box data. This includes information such as speed, brake usage, and other data that tells how the truck was operating moments before the crash. 
  • Medical attention. Seek medical attention right away and document your injuries.

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