As a workplace injury compensation lawyer, I know that getting hurt at work can be shocking and devastating as many people don’t expect to get injured in the workplace. If you’re injured at work, you need to speak to both a personal injury attorney and a workers’ compensation attorney who can assist you in obtaining fair compensation. Here are 5 things you should do after you are injured after a work accident:

  1.  File a Report. You need to document your injury right after the accident otherwise no one at your place of employment will know about it. This is a common mistake by people who get hurt at work. Some employers even have deadlines when injuries can be reported.
  2. Medical Treatment. Get medical treatment immediately no matter how serious your injury. Sometimes injuries get worse over time. You have the right to seek out of a doctor of your choice after a work injury.
  3.  Collect Photos and Witnesses. Take photographs of injuries and everything related to your injury. Take pictures of what caused your injury. Write down names of all witnesses and their addresses and phone numbers. Write down what happened so your recollection of the events is recorded contemporaneously with the incident.
  4. Obtain Video Surveillance. Get copies of any video surveillance that captured the incident. Video surveillance footage can expire quickly so it’s important you act fast.
  5. Contact a lawyer. You need to speak to a personal injury attorney and a workers’ compensation attorney immediately. You may be entitled to different avenues of recourse so don’t wait and act quickly. The longer clients wait to seek legal assistance the worse their cases can get. Contact ERIC MAUSNER LAW, P.A. so we can guide you from start to finish.

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